Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio


Recycle Bin collection

> Kitchen utensils- the older the better...forks, spoons, cake knives, wooden spoons, all those tools no one knows how to use, I want them!

> Tin cans

> Bottle caps

> Packing materials/stuffings

> Card board boxes, cereal type, shoe boxes...

> Hard plastic bowls large

> Bubble wrap

> Colorful, designed/pattern plastic bags

>glass plates, cups dinnerware

> Magazines/newspaper

> Coffee cans

> Boys/mens collared shirts

> Wool sweaters

> Large glass jars(ball/kern/pickle jars?)The bigger the better!

> Silverware

> Metal Cookie cutters

> Glass/ceramic/mirrors/Tiles

> Hard cover books

> Paper from inside ikea boxes

>Sewing machines, working or not

>Cardboard tubes, toilet paper rolls

> Game pieces, things from your junk draw... the older, the

weirder, the better!;)

At Mona Lizzy’s we try to be resourceful in what we create, think of new ways to re-make old with out causing a lot of waste! You can donate/recycle your “stuff/things” at MLAS Recycle Bin. Below is a list of things we are always looking to collect.

If you don't have "things" or the time to drop off your recyclables, you can donate $ to help fund Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio. Your donation helps Mona Lizzy's  to buy the proper machines and equipment to further the artistic education we try to inspire.

Thanks for your help!